Whitby Weekender

Whitby Weekender is 60 minute documentary film about Northern Soul made with the artist Ellen Cantor. It was shot during the Togetherness Soul Weekender in Whitby, North Yorkshire in 2005. It contains a Northern Soul dance lesson for Ellen, personal interviews between Ellen and three of my childhood friends exploring their emotional attachments to the Northern Soul scene and talking frankly about their early sexual experiences. It includes an interview with the soul singer Alexander Patten, who performed at the event. It has been screened at several international galleries including Sketch (London), V&A (London), Broel Museum (Belgium), Künstbunker (Nuremburg) and Künsterlhaus (Stuttgart).

In the sequence below Ellen narrates the story behind the making of Whitby Weekender before her interview with Napper (Mark Trapps).

And here’s Ellen’s interview with Andy Cummings.

Here is the dance lesson sequence.