Ponto for Banbha Mooira

Ponto for Banbha Mooira was made with Roberto N. Peyre in London in June 2012 for the exhibition ‘There is Not and Never has been Anything to Understand’ curated by Plastique Fantastique at ASC space in London. The work involved the creation of a ritual symbol for an invented transatlantic, female graveyard spirit of Celtic origin – Banbha Mooira – and a series of ritual actions around the Crossbones graveyard in Southwark in the week proceeding the exhibition.

A ponto is an occult diagram used in the Afro-Brazilian Palo, Quimbanda and Umbanda religious traditions that shares qualities with vèvès in Haitian Vodou. The drawing of Banbha’s ponto on the gallery floor was made in talcum powder which is used by Northern Soul dancers to make the dance floor slippery smooth.

Robert and I then danced on the drawing in Northern Soul style to the sound of Spirit by Third Point until it was erased. The track can be heard here.

The video recording was projected for the duration of the exhibition onto the place on the floor where it was drawn. More about the making of ‘Ponto for Banbha Mooira’ can be found here.