Control Script

Chain film initiated in Real de Catorce, Mexico in 1997. The name came from William S. Burroughs’ notion of control outlined in Ah Pook is Here (1979) and the scripts needed to connect to the internet in the mid 90’s. Control Script 1 contained a series of instructions that were passed on to next ‘player’. These instructions were complied and/or transformed before being passed on in turn to another player. The first player was Colin Lane, the second Gregoire Dupond and two third players, David Pearson and Terry Steckler. The video you can see here is at level 5.1. It was first shown as part of the Space Station Sixty Five show ‘Séance – War on Ghosts’ curated by Andrew Hunt in July 2006 and later screened at the Performance Fictions event at Electric Cinema, Birmingham curated by Plastique Fantastique on October 21st 2009. Anyone who would like to be a player is welcome to make a video following the instructions contained in Control Script 5.1. Auto-generated subtitles recommended.