Free School in a New Dark Age

Free School in a New Dark Age was a no-cost, alternative arts education initiative created by myself and Dean Kenning in response to the increase in student fees following the economic crisis of 2008. The free school hosted several participant-led learning events at various locations including ‘The Time that Remains’ led by Oreet Ashery as part of her residency at the Whitstable Biennale in June 2008, and ‘Hanging out with Halo Jones’ led by Maggie Gray at the Swedenborg Institute in March 2010.

Participants in ‘The Time That Remains’ Free School event in Whitstable.

The Free School published two journals: ‘Boycott Bloomberg’ (2009) and ‘We the educated and educators of Free School demand the following…’ (2010). A PDF of the ‘Boycott Bloomberg’ journal can be found here. During the phase of student protests and occupations in 2010, Free School joined forces with Arts Against Cuts to organise a series of protest actions including the Turner Prize and National Gallery teach-ins and the ‘Sensorium of the Goddess’ protest at the British Museum.

In 2011 we produced a Cuts Fact Sheet with the economist David Graeber that were distributed during protests and demonstrations.

More information about the activities of The Free School in a New Dark Age can be found here.