Buried Alive

Buried Alive: Mortification and Monadology was published for my solo show at the Cabinet gallery in Brixton in 1994. It was conceived as a guide to the labyrinthine maps that covered the gallery walls. These maps were the representations of my own inner-landscapes and memory structures that had become almost entirely autonomous at the time. The publication included correspondences with friends whose post-mortem portraits I had made for the show (including Paul Buck, Don David, Alec Dippie, Fiona Hovenden), attempts to explain, understand and represent the psychological processes determining the memorial system, and prose poetry inspired by this task. The book opens with a key to the main landscape coordinates/clusters which are indexed in a parallel column where they are triggered by references in the main text. A PDF of Buried Alive can be found here.

Buried Alive was designed by Simon Josebury at Secondary Modern.